CB 395 - Community-Based Learning Seminar

This seminar is designed as an academic and experiential course that combines placements at non-profit organizations, where students work on the ground with community-based projects in Buenos Aires, along with discussion-oriented seminars that are led by the course instructor on a biweekly basis. In this course, we will explore the structure and cultural principles of community-based organizations/non-profit organizations in Buenos Aires. Students will use their community-based learning experience as a platform for understanding these civil society organizations in Argentina and how they work with respect to social, political, and economic issues. The seminar requires that students take an active role in their learning through such tasks and assignments as investigating: the principles of volunteering, civil society and the third sector in Argentina; the issues their organization works with; communication and social media in non-profits; and corporate social responsibility and fundraising in Argentine non-profit organizations.

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Community-Based Learning

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