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BL/ES 307 - Climate and the Vegetation in the Black Forest and the Swiss Alps

Students will be introduced to the climate, regional climates and some microclimates in the Black Forest and the Swiss Alps and their impact on vegetation. Students will learn to recognize vegetation zones. They will also learn about the Biosphere-Atmosphere interactions and how to measure different climatic and physiological parameters that are relevant for vegetation development. They will be able to detect microclimatic influences on habitats. Moreover they will be capable to understand possible influences of climate warming and fluctuations on the vegetation cover. This course includes several one-day excursions, field trainings and a 3-day field study trip to the Swiss Alps.

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Biological Sciences
Environmental Studies

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Basic knowledge of climate/weather and vegetation ecology, enjoy the outdoors and be moderately fit for hikes (6 miles/ 10 km; 2600 feet altitude difference/800m in one day).

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