AN/GS 215 - Sexuality and Gender

The purpose of this course is to familiarize and critically engage students with the various ways of theorizing and understanding gender and sexuality – from traditional and popular theories of gender and sexual development to theories that actively challenge these dominant ways of understanding them. This course will take a social constructionist perspective to explore the ways in which gender and sexual identities are socially constructed, rather than innate or biological, and the implications of these constructions on our everyday life experiences, with a particular focus on the Spanish context. Specifically, this course will explore the ideology of heteronormativity and how patriarchal and/or misogynistic ideas around sexuality and gender mean that we are socialized to become kinds of gendered sexual beings and that there are social, cultural, and political consequences when we do not.

Out of the three global pillars that IES promotes—Sustainable Living, Human Wellbeing and Equitable Living—, in this course we especially work on the last one, that is, Equitable Living. Through the contents covered and their assessment, students critically reflect on cultural constructs that are often simply assumed to be true without having been questioned. This exercise of self-reflection and self-questioning on both a personal and social level allows them to further develop their understanding of and appreciation for cultural realities other than their own, as well as to deepen their own sense of identity as individuals. In addition, classroom discussions make it possible for students to make their voices heard within a safe academic environment. This enhances their ability to interact in a group setting and gives them the opportunity to be exposed to the views and perspectives of their peers.

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Gender Studies

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