AH 316 - 20th Century Spanish Painters

The main objective of this course is the study of the plastic transformations generated in Spain along the 20th century. We will aim to discern the existence of a real artistic taste genuinely Spanish, that would oscillate from the adhesion of the European movements of avant-garde to the deepest claim of the properly Hispanic.

The program of this course studies the three most representative figures of the Spanish painting of the 20th century - Picasso, Miró and Dalí, without forgetting other painters, perhaps less known, but definitely transcendental to be able to understand the full dimension of the three quoted grandmasters. The understanding of other painters will help the student to have a better approach to the culture and to the Spanish society of the century of reference, the 20th century.

The course uses:

  • A vast quantity of pictures that correspond to the artworks that the professor will comment in class.
  • Texts, essays and biographical summaries elaborated by the professor on all the subjects of the content of the program and that they will be those that have to study the students for the exam.
  • Didactic resources on the main movements of the artistic avant-gardes so the student can understand much easily the main characteristics of each movement.
  • Videos and in-class exercises.
  • Field studies: visits to the Sorolla museum and the Reina Sofia National Museum in order to provide students with first-hand insight into 20th Century Spanish Art.

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Art History

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