IN 395 - Internship Seminar

The aim of this sociological course is to speed up the students’ process along an intercultural journey towards a different perception of reality, passing from a mere ethnocentric stage into a more distinct process of ethno-relativism. The course is designed to equip students with the theoretical and practical knowledge needed to navigate intercultural workplace situations. It will also help students contextualize their internship experience and give them a broader understanding of various issues related to the Italian work environment.

The class provides an in-depth overview of modern Italian society as well as the instrumental support necessary for students during their internship experiences. All sections place major emphasis on analysis of Italian/European culture, service agencies, and the service-learning experience.

It is also intended to be an  interdisciplinary and "work in progress" course.  The course may be modified class after class, and will improvise stimulating discussions with students, comparing practical activities to theoretical topics.  It will teach about culture shock and the impact of experience, and will put a great emphasis on local and national history, compared to major European events. Students will acquire analytical, practical, and research skills.  “More than one world view” essentially means that a different perception of reality is possible

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Internship Seminar

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