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Trusted in the Field, and Trusted by You

IES Abroad offers superior academic and student support services for your student, from beginning to end. Whether it's helping them choose a program, adjusting to life back home, or attending program reunions, we focus on making your student comfortable during their study abroad experience. And while the landscape may be changing, one thing never does at IES Abroad; Our commitment to honor the trust of our students, parents, and partners.

Our Process
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Program Selection

In addition to the on-campus offices supporting your student at their college/university, we’re here to help streamline the study abroad process. A College Relations Manager (the designated representative for your student’s college/university), will be your student’s point-person before they apply and can help with program approval, credit transfer, scholarship and aid options, and more.

There are also many online resources available to your student as they narrow down the programs that best fit their academic and personal goals. Our program finder allows students to filter programs by criteria such as major, location, term, and more. From there, your student can compare and contrast programs of interest as they learn more details about courses, housing, cultural activities, and other program specifics.

Resources such as student blogs, virtual tours, and past participants also help guide your student in their selection process.

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Online Application

Once your student has selected their program of interest, they will complete the IES Abroad online application. Depending on the program of choice and U.S. college/university, there may be additional application materials.

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Scholarship & Aid Opportunities

With $5 million in IES Abroad scholarships and aid, we highly recommend your student apply for financial support as soon as they are considering an IES Abroad program. (Yes! They can apply before they've been accepted to a program.)

Our Scholarship & Aid Application allows students to apply to all of our scholarships and need-based aid with one application. 

Five days after submitting their application, we'll notify your student of any need-based aid they can expect to receive from us as well as any scholarships they are eligible to be considered for. One month after the scholarship and aid deadline, we'll notify your student if they received a scholarship. Priority is given to Pell Grant recipients, and other eligibility requirements may apply.

Funds are limited, so encourage your student to apply early!

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Predeparture Advising

After applying to an IES Abroad program, your student will be assigned to a Program Advisor who will help them prepare for their study abroad or internship experience.

Your student’s Program Advisor assists with program-specific details such as visa requirements, housing options, travel to their host city, and more. Our advisors are well-trained, empathetic professionals who will be your student’s advocate and support as they prepare to study abroad.

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Arrival & Orientation

Your student and their classmates will arrive to their host city on arrival day. Shortly after, they will begin orientation and CORE™, IES Abroad’s Comprehensive Orientation & Re-entry Experience, which introduces them to the IES Abroad on-site staff, fellow students, host city, and more. Topics such as academics, housing, transportation, and health and safety are covered at this time.

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Study Abroad or Internship Program

As a provider known for our health and safety procedures and academic excellence, we are proud to help you feel confident in knowing your student is safe, academically challenged, and culturally immersed throughout their abroad experience.

Our Centers abroad are a unique facet of IES Abroad programming. These physical spaces serve as your student’s campus or home base. It’s here that your student will likely take courses, study with classmates, and meet with IES Abroad on-site staff and faculty who provide support for academics, cultural activities, extra-curriculars, and more.

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Re-Entry & Alumni Network

Your student’s study abroad or internship experience is sure to change the rest of their life both professionally and personally. We are here to help your student make the most of their re-entry back to campus and into the workplace as seamless as possible.

With opportunities such as alumni reunions, networking events, the Ambassador volunteer program, and more, we are committed to helping your student, and the rest of our 110,000+ alumni, stay connected and continue to make the most of their study abroad experience even after returning home.