We’re the First & Only Study Abroad Provider with Virtual Tours

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Ashley Houston
April 22, 2016

You probably took campus tours to decide which college or university was the best fit, so why not take a study abroad tour to do the same?

Great news, we’re the first and only study abroad program provider to offer virtual tours! Our virtual tours give you a glimpse into seven of our Centers abroad, the cities they’re in, and the housing and popular hang-out areas:

*COMING SOON: Berlin, Vienna, and Cape Town!

Our virtual tours are also accessible in virtual reality, making it feel like you’re really there!

We want to provide you with the latest technology in making your decision to study abroad. In fact, 2016 is the “year of virtual reality” according to a recent article on Inc.com:

“We already use Google Street View when planning to visit a location for the first time, since it enables us to get our bearings before we embark on the journey. The latest virtual reality headsets are now giving users the ability to sample a new experience via 360-degree immersive videos that transport the user to anywhere in the world.

This technology offers an opportunity to walk around any destination and soak up the sights and sounds of the surrounding area, making it much easier to decide where you would like to visit…”

Now it’s your turn, check out all of our virtual tours and decide where you want to study abroad!

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Ashley Houston

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