Watch All of the Semi-Finalists' Films from the 2015 Study Abroad Film Festival

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Ashley Houston
October 7, 2015


Last month we announced the 2015 Study Abroad Film Festival winner, It’s Okay by Kyle Rodriguez of Occidental College. Kyle was one of three finalists whose films were open for voting on Facebook, which also included:

In total, there were 45 films submitted to the Study Abroad Film Festival. It wasn’t easy to narrow submissions down, so we invite you to watch how study abroad redefined the rest of our semi-finalists, too!

Click on a film below, or visit the Study Abroad Film Festival playlist on YouTube to watch all 19 films.

2015 Study Abroad Film Festival Semi-Finalists

A Day in Rome
Lichun (Lisa) Chang | IES Abroad Rome
Best Day in the Life

A Semester in China: Shanghai 2015
Shea Parikh | IES Abroad Shanghai
Best Cinematography

Abbey Road – It’s Just a Road
Marialyse Martiney | IES Abroad London
Best Film Editing

Be Cool – Berlin
Hannah Ayasse & Julia Lesser | IES Abroad Berlin
Best Music Video

Hannah Kaminsky | IES Abroad Rome
Best Documentary

Dear Delhi
Elisa Barton | IES Abroad Delhi
Most Thought-Provoking

Die Sprache der Steine
Jonathan Ho & Cole Graham | IES Abroad Berlin
Best Interviews

Eliza – Official Trailer (2015)
Philip Chen | IES Abroad Vienna
Best Thriller

Headbanging Around Europe
Andrew Brummer | IES Abroad Barcelona
Most Fun

Rio de Janeiro Semester Abroad
Tim Fisher | IES Abroad Rio de Janeiro
Best Adventure Short

So It Goes
Kimberly Webber | IES Abroad European Union
Best Program Showcase

Thank You Australia
Marlowe Padilla | IES Abroad Sydney
Best Travel Log

The ABC’s of Study Abroad
Saphir Shemesh | IES Abroad Vienna
Best New Talent

The Bravest Measure
Elisabeth Hawthorne | IES Abroad Rome
Best Vlog

The Rich Life of Robert Dawson
Adam Wallace | IES Abroad Rome
Most Interesting Subject

Tomado 4: El Toma
Joe LoCascio & TJ Patrias | IES Abroad Barcelona
Best Actor in a Leading Role

Learn more about our Study Abroad Film Festival here.

This person does not have a headshot photo

Ashley Houston

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