University of Richmond Student Emily Churchill Named IES Abroad Correspondent of the Year

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Through her IES Abroad Blog, Correspondent, Emily Churchill (IES Abroad Granada, Academic Year 2017-18) took us along on her study abroad journey, and we enjoyed every word – all 11,000 of them! 

Emily had us laughing with “A Day in My Life in Granada (As Told by Michael Scott),” she offered great insider advice from her nine months in Granada in posts like “A Guide to Looking and Acting Spanish,” and she shared personal stories including posts about dating relationships and family hardships.

In all 13 of her blog posts, Emily’s authentic voice shined, which made her the obvious choice for 2017-18 Correspondent of the Year. And we weren’t the only ones who enjoyed her writing – visitors on our website have read Emily’s blog posts more than 2500 times!

As an International Studies and Spanish major at the University of Richmond, Emily began the fall semester of her junior year studying abroad in Granada, Spain. After only a few weeks, she knew she needed to stay for the rest of the year. Throughout the spring semester, Emily shared her study abroad experience as an IES Abroad Correspondent, including the following reflection from her post "Becoming Granaína...But Not Too Much."

“I suppose what study abroad brochures promise us is adventure every day. But in reality, real immersion means the transition into a steady and fulfilling life. Things start to feel normal because they are. And you often feel conflicted to combat this feeling with the pressure to constantly be doing something amazing. But more often than not, you are probably doing exactly what you should be, right where you are.”

The 2017-18 IES Abroad Correspondent Program included more than 175 students from our Summer 2017, Fall 2017, and Spring 2018 programs. Emily’s writing stood out above the rest, and we are happy to honor her with this award.

In a recent interview, she told us about her year abroad, how blogging had an impact on her study abroad experience, and her advice for future study abroad students and bloggers.

Congrats, Emily!

Get the real-life scoop on study abroad from IES Abroad Blogs, where our Correspondents share their unique adventures across the world through writing, photo, video, and more.

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