Top 5 Reasons to Be an IES Intern in Dublin

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Shaina Moran
September 23, 2016

Innovative and forward-thinking companies like Google, Facebook, and Twitter are flocking to Dublin to establish their European headquarters. Why? For the past decade, Ireland's pro-business environment has caused abundant economic growth, and it's becoming a major player in the global business climate.

While there are a million reasons to apply for a semester-long IES internship in Dublin, we've narrowed it down to just five of the best reasons why you should be an IES intern in the largest and capital city of Ireland. 

1. You can live in Binary Hub, IES Abroad Dublin's newest housing option, located in the heart of the city, with this panorama of Dublin as your view: 

Binary Hub, where you'll live when you intern in Dublin

2. You can make the front page of one of Ireland's major newspapers...with something you wrote! Check out IES interns at the Irish Daily Mail sharing their cover story. This is just an example of the many internship opportunities available in Dublin. 

IES Interns holding the cover of the Irish Daily Mail.

3. Because...Irish dancing! Watch as IES Internships participants learn to 'Irish Dance with Paddy.' You haven't missed out - IES Abroad Dublin is sure to share this tradition with students every term!

IES Intern irish dancing in Dublin.

4. You'll go on fields trips you'll never forget and experiences you'll only have in Ireland, like a meet and greet with the denizens of Causey Farms or a trip to Howth

Intern in Dublin and participate in field trips.

5. In this European business hub, you'll make international connections, build friendships, and gain experience that will last a lifteime like Jordan, Andrew, and Erica at their internships at Dogspatch. 

IES Interns at their Dogspatch internship in Dublin.

In addition to the Dublin Full-Time Semester Internship Program, IES Internships also offers summer interships in Dublin and 12 other global locations

What are you waiting for? Start your application today! 


This person does not have a headshot photo

Shaina Moran

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