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Meet Our Fall 2022 IES Abroad Ambassadors

Our IES Abroad Ambassadors were in your shoes once, too! They're students who have recently returned from study abroad and are always here to share their experiences or offer advice as you begin your own once-in-a-lifetime adventure. Read on for their top tips for future study abroad students from some of our newest IES Abroad Ambassadors. Plus, learn the top three words they'd use to describe their experiences (hint: “freeing” is a big one!). 

"If you could give advice to any student who is at the early stages of deciding to study abroad, what would you tell them?"

Marlenny Gonzalez
“Keep an open mind when selecting a country. Don't just pick a country because everyone else is picking it. Choose the one that best fits what you want or need.”
Marlenny Gonzalez (IES Abroad Rome | Case Western Reserve University)

Kylie Goodrich
“Do it and do it alone. I think that one of the most important parts of my study abroad was choosing to go without friends, it completely took me out of my comfort zone and I grew so much as a person.”
Kylie Goodrich (IES Abroad Milan | Purdue University)

Skye Loures
“Consider your limits, and how much you are willing to push them while still being able to maintain your physical and mental health. The key to having a formative and worthwhile study abroad experience is to strike a balance between work and social life!”
Skye Loures (IES Abroad Madrid | Lafayette College)

Sylas Parker
“Find a program that speaks to you - originally I didn't think I would go abroad, but finding the program that spoke to my interests was key. Part of studying abroad IS studying, so finding something you are passionate about learning is also important.”
Sylas Parker (IES Abroad Vienna | Kenyon College)

Sarah Wright
“There is a lot of pre-departure anxiety and it's normal. But don't worry: going abroad is so worth it and you will not regret it. ”
Sarah Wright (IES Abroad Freiburg | Emory University)

"What three words would you use to describe study abroad?"

Claire Andreski
“Exciting, Informative, Busy!”
Claire Andreski (IES Abroad Nantes | Santa Clara University)

Hal DeLong
“Dreamlike, Life-Changing, Freeing”
Hal DeLong (IES Abroad Berlin | Lawrence University)

Abdul Muqeet Faraz
“Exciting, Exhilarating, Fantastic”
Abdul Muqeet Faraz (IES Abroad Milan | St. Olaf College)

Ana Gonzalez
“New, Enriching, Unique”
Ana Gonzalez (IES Abroad Milan | Tulane University)

Andrew Le
“Freeing, Life-Changing, Exciting”
Andrew Le (IES Abroad Tokyo | Northwestern University)
Three students standing in front of a waterfall in the rainforest in Ecuador

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