Study Abroad Advice from Ambassador Ali Pritchard: Get Out of Your Comfort Zone!

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Abby Baric
September 27, 2016

Meet Ali Pritchard, our Ambassador of the Month for September 2016, who is a senior International Business and Accounting major at the University of Tampa. She spent last fall on our IES Abroad Nice Direct Enrollment - SKEMA: Science, Engineering & Business Program.

We reached out to Ali to hear about why she chose IES Abroad, what she’d advise if student is unsure about taking the study abroad leap and how to best escape the “bubble” while there.

IES Abroad: Why IES Abroad?

AP: IES Abroad was the most helpful provider that I came in contact with. They went above and beyond to make sure I was paired with the best program that would meet my needs. They exceeded my expectations in every way and helped me to have the best experience possible.

IES Abroad: What would tell someone who’s on the fence about studying abroad?

AP: I would tell them that it was the absolute best decision I have made in my college career and my favorite semester of college. The experience gave me long-lasting friendships from across the globe, so many travel experiences, and it broadened my perspective and global understanding.

IES Abroad: What tips would you give student to help them make their host country home?

AP: I would tell them to get out of their comfort zone as soon as possible. Don't be afraid to try to speak a different language with the locals and don't be afraid to initiate a friendship with the foreign students as opposed to the Americans. Don't be afraid to travel alone (safely) and adventure through the place you're living.

The IES Abroad Ambassador Program is designed to connect our future students with our past students. There are currently 800+ active Ambassadors representing the IES Abroad Consortium membership and our 120+ programs worldwide. Visit our IES Abroad Ambassadors page to learn more. 

Woman in front of blue background

Abby Baric

Director of Communications & Outreach

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