"My Wish for You": Letters from IES Abroad Moms, Cameron Alzubi

Cameron Alzubi
May 11, 2018

from Cameron Alzubi, Database & Research Manager, Advancement Services

Dear Leila and Shree,

Since each of your births, I have worked to leverage the patchwork of diversity that is our country. To enrich your palates and sharpen your senses. To ensure you can hear the differences between languages other than English. But I know this is not enough. My hope is that I've planted seeds of nostalgia for places you've not yet been to.

Don't just visit new places: Live. Study. Work. Serve.

I want you to smell and breathe and absorb the air, the energy, the rhythm of life in places where you are simultaneously challenged by differences and comforted in what is shared. These experiences will change you, will add layers to your very existence. You, in turn, will add layers of empathy, tolerance, and decency everywhere you go.

There are no material things I can give you that will be as valuable as travel. I can only hope to build you up enough so that you are brave, compassionate, and ready to fly as soon as you are able.

"Don't just visit new places: Live. Study. Work. Serve."

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Cameron Alzubi

Database & Research Manager, Advancement Services

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