Introducing Our Fall 2017 IES Abroad Correspondents

Our students tell the stories of studying abroad the best – that’s why we’re excited to announce the launch of our IES Abroad Correspondent Program, a creative outlet for students to share their study abroad adventures abroad through writing (new!), as well as photos, videos, and other mediums while being mentored by IES Abroad staff.

This fall, 70 study abroad students will embark on a journey unlike any other. Some are anxiously waiting for the start of their programs, while others are already becoming familiar with their new surroundings.

Check out some of our favorite study abroad quotes (so far!) from our Correspondents below:

"Next time you have an idea, just go do it. Don’t wait a minute. Don’t wait any more than 12 seconds. Say to yourself, ‘I want to go to a soccer game with friends,’ and then don’t wait to ask them at school. Start a group chat and buy the tickets so you have to go. You know you won’t regret it. Study abroad seems like the time to do everything you want to because you know when you get home you’ll feel obligated to fulfill actual responsibilities. So just go do things. Like right away.”

From 7 things to ponder before you study abroad in Buenos Aires by Jessica Duska | Buenos Aires – Latin America Societies & Cultures | University of Virginia

“Just as I try not to clutter my suitcase, I intend not to clutter my mind. I am aware of my preconceptions and expectations, but don't want to lean too heavily on them. As for right now, estoy tranquila. Relaxed, and ready to start a new adventure.”

From Once Before in Ecuador by Danielle Twichel | Quito Direct Enrollment – Universidad San Francisco de Quito | Pacific Lutheran University

"Though I will be studying in Shanghai, I intend to travel across China to see the nation in every possible form there is. As I travel and adventure from location to location, I know that I’m most excited to eat my way through the country and sample all the different styles of food that exists in China. From Xi’an, to Beijing, to Tibet, I hope to see it all. And along the way, I hope to find myself and learn more than I know now.”

From Pre-departure Inflection by Jason Renner | Shanghai – Economy, Business & Society | Washington and Lee University

"Life has thrown open many doors to me in the past couple years, and the path I have followed them through led me directly to Vienna’s doorstep. I fully intend to take advantage of every opportunity on this journey - to try every pastry; to drink many, many cups of coffee; to visit as many other cities/countries as possible; to make numerous new lifelong friendships; to become as fluent in German as time and experience allows; and to truly make Vienna my home while I am there. This dream is finally coming true.”

From An Ad(Vien)ture Unlike Any Other by Alli Jones | Vienna – Music | Texas Christian University

“Remember, you’ll be carrying everything you bring. Most importantly, to me, it’s more about the experiences rather than the things you have or purchase.”

 From Second Time’s a Charm! By Sydney Braat | Dublin – Irish Studies | Gettysburg College

Can’t get enough? Meet the rest of our Fall 2017 Correspondents and check out their study abroad blogs.

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