Introducing 31 NEW Spring 2011 Bloggers

We are thrilled to announce that of the more than 200 applications we received, 31 students have been selected to blog this spring at Representing IES Abroad programs around the world, these students will share their thoughts before departure, their experiences during their programs, and their reflections once they return home. The Spring 2011 blogger group joins the growing ranks of IES Abroad students chronicling their study abroad adventures on our blog site! Each month, nearly 5,000 unique visitors take a peek inside the lives of our students as they live and learn abroad. We invite you to follow the adventures of these students over the next few months.

Some of our spring bloggers have already started their pre-departure and on-site posts and the rest will begin making their first posts soon, so stay tuned!

Caitlin Barrow Vienna University of Puget Sound
Laura Blaser Madrid University of St. Thomas
Sylvaine Brew Amsterdam Loyola University Chicago
Megan Dennis Nantes William Jewel College
Caitlin Feeney Shanghai Claremont McKenna College
Amelia Harrah Nagoya University of Redlands
Kristina Houser Siena University of Missouri - Columbia
Jason Katz European Union Emory University
Matthew Keyser Freiburg Emerson College
Njeri Kimani Auckland George Washington University
Michael Kralovich Rome Occidental College
Matthew Kweller Buenos Aires Penn State University
McCamey Lynn Delhi Fordham University
Jennifer Maloney Dublin Penn State University
Janae' Martin Beijing Howard University
Tessa Matson Melbourne Whitman College
Michelle Montgomery Sydney Ithaca College
Parker Mullins Paris BIA University of Minnesota - Twin Cities
Julia Nelson Buenos Aires Elmhurst College
Elena Nichols Christchurch Skidmore College
Laurel Ohm Quito St. Olaf College
Rachel Orlowski Santiago Villanova University
Elliot Schwartz Barcelona Case Western Reserve University
Rachel Sekine Tokyo Indiana University - Bloomington
Kailey Smaczniak Salamanca Gettysburg College
Holland Taylor Berlin Washington State University
Melissa Thomas London Penn State University
Elizabeth Vitello Cape Town Washington State University
Cypress Walker Granada University of Virginia
Emily Wisser Paris French Studies DePaul University Chicago
Katherine Wooten Milan University of Tulsa




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