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September 8, 2023

We've loved supporting and hearing from our student IES interns across our locations this past year, and they've enjoyed their internship experiences so much that they wanted to document and share them with us, whether in the form of blogs, social media posts, and more!

We're sure you want to enhance your professional toolkit and develop in your career, too—with studying abroad, that's just one of the many perks! While study abroad can be a complex experience, it’s also so full of opportunity to create and expand on all of your passions and goals, even if you’re venturing into those virtually! We focus on giving you that reality within everything we do, and interning abroad is a part of that.

So go ahead—develop your résumé, enhance your professional network, and build a comprehensive toolkit to support the foundation of your professional world!

But first, dive into more about what IES Internships has uniquely offered study abroad students!

“I’m incredibly motivated by the passionate team that has supported me and the work they have done to support so many women who have been victims of injustice.”
Halley Z. | IES Abroad London | University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

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“As I get ready to return back to America, I realize the real impact that working so far away from home has had on me. I will always look back on my time at Seishou as a period of growth and remember, fondly, the experiences I had and the people I was lucky enough to know.”
Lilah S. | IES Abroad Milan | Indiana University
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The World's Advocate: What Ellie S. Learned as a Climate Action Startup Intern in Germany

In this reflective interview, IES Abroad Berlin intern, Ellie S., shares her motivations and passions behind interning and studying abroad in Germany. Ellie reflects on her main takeaways, noting her internship experience as collaborative, educational, and motivating, alongside being full of sustainability, community, and the evoking the fullness of Germany. Ellie support global awareness and health, furthering her health studies from Bryn Mawr College by interning abroad with the Leaders for Climate Action (LFCA) in Germany. Read her full experience and learn more about what an internship in Germany has to offer. 

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Experimenting Across the Globe: Whitney's Internship Journey in Austria

Whitney R. (IES Abroad Vienna | Bryn Mawr College), takes the internship world in her hands while interning with Biolution GmbH, a scientific communications and consulting company. Whitney notes her favorite parts of the internship, including learning about Austrian culture, becoming well-rounded within research, and improving her graphic design and project management skillset. Whitney finalizes the interview by sharing that her backgroud in life sciences and social sciences was enhanced with her time as an intern, allowing her to be more creative with troubleshooting and using them professionally for the future. Dive into Whitney's story as she experiments with her career capabilities as an IES intern both in the lab and in the world.

“"[In] Seminar class with other IES Abroad interns, this week we are discussing cultural integration and how our internships are going thus far. These seminar classes are a great way to find out what other kids are doing for their intern tasks and they also serve as a great forum to discuss any challenges you are having with your internship."”
Olivia R. | IES Abroad Milan | University of Missouri - Columbia
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Our IES Internships abroad offer you a breadth of opportunity to expand your personal and professional growth. From part-time to full-time summer to semester in-person and virtual internships opportunities, you are presented with various ways to explore your career-making as you explore the field(s) of your choice. IES internships guarantees you a placement in your field and the chance to enroll in for-credit seminars to dive into the fullness of your professional capabilities. Develop your résumé, enhance your professional network, and build a comprehensive toolkit to support the foundation of your professional world.

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