IES Abroad Students Dive into the Milan Music Scene

Students that study abroad in Milan on our Music: Tradition & Innovation Program experience hands-on learning throughout the semester to participate in musical events and happenings. Not only do they work with world-class musicians, they also perform at a variety of venues and attend a wide range of performances. This semester has been no exception for this impressive group of students, as they recently attended a world-renowned music festival and performed at the largest private music school in Italy.

In September, the annual MITO Music Festival opened the fall musical season in Milan with 209 events in 99 usual and unusual places: concert halls, auditoriums, churches, squares, courtyards, museums, and palaces. Since 2007, this annual international music festival has provided a rich array of musical events to bring together classical music lovers, as well as to introduce new audiences to the classical music scene.

Throughout the semester, our Music students learn that theory should always be followed by practice, a belief that supports attendance to local concerts, lectures, and music festivals like MITO.

Students on our Music Program had the opportunity to attend a few of these world-class concerts, meetings, and installations. They also visited the most important musical locations: the Conservatorio, La Scala, Auditorium La Verdi, and Teatro Dal Verme. Engaging in the city’s  cutting-edge professional music scene is one of the bonuses of studying abroad in Milan.

Check out pictures from the events below:

study abroad in milanstudy abroad in milanstudy abroad in milan

Not long after the MITO festivities, our Milan Music students enrolled in the Ensemble course had their first performance at Scuola Civica di Milan on October 20th, with many friends and Community Assistants in attendance.

Check out photos from the performance below:

study abroad in milanstudy abroad in milan

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