From IES Abroad Student to Regional College Relations Manager: Meet John Colhouer

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February 4, 2015

For IES Abroad Regional College Relations Manager John Colhouer, his experience studying abroad with us had such an impact that he discovered working in the field was his calling. recently interviewed John about his journey from IES Abroad Madrid (Summer 2002) student to becoming Regional College Relations Manager representing Texas, Arkansas, Oklahoma, and Missouri. (He also serves as Program Advisor for the Madrid Language and Area Studies Program.)

In the article, John shares his words of wisdom for future study abroad students: “Being adaptable to a new place is the most important piece of advice that I’m able to give any students. There will be challenges as well as triumphs, and I encourage all students to take them in stride. Navigating a new place can be stressful, but with an accepting attitude and a willingness to recognize that sometimes when things are slightly awkward, we are given the opportunity to grow as people….Studying abroad grants this opportunity to experiment wisely, and I encourage all students to consider this when thinking about what their time abroad may look like.”

Click here to read about John’s experience abroad in Madrid and why he loves his career in study abroad.

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