Happy Mother's Day from IES Abroad!

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Jill Kruidenier
May 12, 2014

Whether it’s your mother back home, a host mother abroad, or another motherly figure, moms are the best.

We see it in the photos of students whose moms have visited them abroad, and in the scholarship applications expressing gratitude for a mother’s unrelenting support. We read it in our blogs, whether it’s admitting a bit of homesickness or appreciating the way they’re looked after by their host mom. It’s no wonder the United States has been dedicating the second Sunday in May to moms since 1914.

Here are just a few examples of IES Abroad students who are grateful for their moms:

"My host mom did all of my laundry so it would be done before I left, made sure I was bringing enough warm clothes, prepared my lunch for today, packed me snacks for the train, and got my breakfast ready before I went to class this morning. She told me she’s treating me like one of her own children and I love that." -Caroline V. | Nantes Spring 2014

"I met up with my mom who had just arrived after flying the dreaded 15 hour flight to Cape Town. The second she arrived at our shared hotel, I attacked her and the concierge probably thought I was a maniac, but getting to hug my mom again was so worth it." -Alexa S. | Cape Town Spring 2014

"To a mom that brought me into this world and made so many sacrifices on my behalf… You say you are lucky to have me, but really I am the lucky one." -Adrienne R. | European Union Fall 2013

From our headquarters in Chicago to our Centers all around the world, we hope you had a lovely Happy Mother’s Day!

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Jill Kruidenier

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