Future-Focused Friday: When The First Day of Fall Proves That Time Is In Fact Passing By

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September 25, 2020

How's things? A bit more like a warm cup of cider and less like a moldy Jack-o'-lantern these days? 🎃 We sure hope so!

With this Tuesday marking the first day of fall, we've been embracing the changing of the seasons. We're hoping the turn of a new 🍁 will help us find answers to those random curiosities we all have, like why some people call it "fall" and others call it "autumn" or why Americans are obsessed with pumpkins (don't even try to deny it!).

Today's also National Cooking Day, which has us eager to try these fall recipes from around the world. And if you ever wondered what other countries’ version of pumpkin spice was, wonder no more! We found "What's Their Pumpkin Spice? Traditional Fall Foods From Around the World," and we’re now craving all the things...French apple pie, get in our lives! (And yes, there quite literally is a national day for everything. Go 'head and celebrate every day—we need it now more than ever.)

While we may not have a pumpkin spice study abroad program (there's always next fall! 😉), we're still out here dreaming about our next adventures. What's yours? Chime in with our Instagram squad on where you'd rather be this fall (and hey, maybe you'll be there next year!) and start dreaming with these stories from abroad.

“I love seasons because they reflect our own seasons in life, and as the temperatures have dropped and the leaves have changed colors, I have changed and adapted in my own ways as well.

Most of the leaves here have now fallen, and I have fallen, too. I have fallen into stride. I have fallen in love. I have fallen for my life here that has turned out to be far more challenging and satisfying than I ever could have imagined. I hope you get the chance to fall, too.”
Alli J. (Vienna | Texas Christian University)

Start picturing your life abroad through the #IESabroad feed.

One of our favorite things we read this week was this article on the psychological reason we're so obsessed with fall. Turns out part of it is the predictability of tradition and having something to look forward to.

Well, we raise your fall with something even better to look forward to: the most long-overdue study abroad adventure you can dream of. Give yourself that gift of a trip on the horizon and start planning today. You deserve it.

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P.S. Our student photo contest starts on Monday on Instagram! You're going to want to tune in and vote for these Spring 2020 student photos 📸—their adventures may have been cut short but the photos are still incredible. Make sure you give us a follow to see us in your feed!

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