Future-Focused Friday: Things We Want to Cook This Week

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May 8, 2020


It's May! Mother's Day! Gradua-...okay, we know graduation may look different for your peers this time around. But here's one for the 'good different’ category: just this week one of our Madrid alums graduated from Harvard and was featured on John Krasinski's series “Some Good News.” She received a "congrats" directly from Oprah (and no, Oprah wasn't giving them to everyone)!

Other good news: you don’t have to graduate from culinary school to engage in one of our favorite stay-at-home activities…COOKING [eating]! No banana bread recipes here, but we do have an entire list of student blogs dedicated to food and five ways to say "tasty", plus some cooking lessons and study abroad food tips!

Sink Your Teeth into Siena

IES Abroad Siena has been cooking up a storm this last month—pizza, pretzels, and pappa al pomodoro—oh my! Check out their live cooking lessons on IGTV. *chef's kiss*

Wine & Bites in Barcelona

Eat and drink vicariously through this video of IES Abroad Barcelona students learning to cook Catalan cuisine and taste wine from the region. Does anybody have a smell-o-vision?!

You Are [Where] You Eat

Whether you have a food allergykeep Kosher or Halaladhere to a vegan diet, or just have a strong aversion to blue hamburger buns, explore this plethora of resources to prepare you for cooking and dining abroad.

Start picturing your life abroad through the #IESabroad feed.

Alright, now that you're hungry and hopefully inspired, get in the kitchen and...

Cook Up Some Adventure

P.S. Looking for more study abroad inspiration? Check out last week's Future-Focused Newsletter.

“I was able to take a course about the history of Italian cuisine, which sparked my interest in global food study, sustainability, and the Slow Food movement.

As a result I have now applied to do a Masters program in gastronomic studies in Italy and in the future, I plan to work in the food and beverage industry.”
Nicholas D. (IES Abroad Milan - Business Studies)
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