Future-Focused Friday: Things That Reminded Us of the Power of Friendship This Week

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We are still celebrating that yesterday was the International Day of Friendship...

and we hope that you are too! Friend, amigo (Spanish), freund (French), ami (Italian), or vriend (Dutch)—no matter how you choose to say it, having a friend is globally one of life’s greatest 🎁s. Brush up on your language skills and start making friends around the 🌎 by learning how to say words like "connection" in multiple languages with our Word of the Week IG series.

We get that it might feel like a weird time to celebrate friendship. You may be in the limbo of saying goodbye 👋 to your home friends while eagerly awaiting to see your school friends, and on top of that, likely having to do so from six feet away 📏 or only online, but there are more ways than Zoom to connect. They say that distance makes the ❤️ grow fonder but now, more than ever, it truly helps us realize just how important friendship really is.

Think of it this way, the skills you’re using to stay in touch with your friends now will come in handy with all the friends you'll make after studying abroad. (Really, just ask our past student Ambassadors!) A quick video chat, some good old 🐌 mail, or sharing the best songs about friendship, are all great ways to let your buddies both near and far know that you are thinking of them.

In the meantime, here are some tidbits to get you amped to make new friends abroad while strengthening your current circle of friends: 

Check out these heartwarming pics of new friendships formed abroad on the #IESabroad feed.

“Esther Perel, a therapist and one of my favorite podcasters, lives by her motto, "The quality of our relationships determines the quality of our lives." I believe this more and more as I grow older, building new relationships and strengthening existing ones. When I reflect on my time studying abroad, I am able to look back with such fondness, not just because I saw spectacular sights, but primarily because I was with good people, building good relationships.”
Vienna V. (London | Pomona College)

The world and your future BFFs are out there waiting for you.

Yes to New Friends!

P.S. Have a question you'd like to ask a past study abroad student? Submit it to the question box on our Instagram story and we'll post a video from our former students with answers!

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