Future-Focused Friday: Things That Made Us Crave Nature This Week

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May 22, 2020

Hey there!

We hope this newsletter is coming to you from somewhere bright, filled with plenty of fresh air, and maybe even a succulent or two (or vetplantje in Dutch, if you please). And if not, no biggie—we've taken it upon ourselves to bring some nature to you, wherever you are. Now's the time to literally stop and smell the roses (well actually, tulips are more in season) and enjoy the simple luxury of wandering outside.

Choose to view this as time best spent planting seeds that will grow into something bigger in the future.

Maybe some of your seeds include a captivating game of "I Spy" down under. Or looking at a Japanese bamboo forest that inspires a deep breath. Perhaps you're planning the perfect hike in Vienna or taking a mental break while touring the National Botanical Gardens in Ireland (or even Glasnevin Cemetery next door—we swear it's cool!).

Whatever natural wonders you seek—look no further. Until you can see it all for yourself, here are some of our favorites from what Mother Nature has in store abroad:

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“The greatest piece of advice I could give to anyone feeling a bit overwhelmed while studying abroad is to change your environment. If you find yourself stuck in the same routine, try something different, even if just for a day. If you’re like me and you can feel trapped by the city, leave it. Go see the natural beauty that places like Killarney [National Park] have to offer.”
Morgan B. (IES Abroad Dublin | Writers Program)

At the risk of sounding pun-ny, it's only natural to want to travel, explore, and connect with this incredible world we live in. Yes, going outside may open you to experiences like a too-close-for-comfort, but ultimately hilarious encounter with a spider in the Amazon Rainforest. But despite that, you gotta admit, it's totally worth it.

Here's to getting in those steps and always taking the scenic route.

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