Future-Focused Friday: Things That Helped Us Go with the Flow This Week 🌊

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How’s it going (or should we say flowing)?

We hope that you’re going with the flow, but we totally get that things feel up in the air right now. And maybe they're ebbing more than they're flowing, but we’re here to wade through this with you, and figure out how we can manage to 🏊 upstream (maybe even get lost on the way…in the best kind of way). 

And while you may be feeling a bit out of whack, did you know that ‘tolerance for ambiguity’ is one of the most sought after skills by employers? Well, it is! But you don’t have to be our CEO to master that skill because it’s one of the many benefits of studying abroad (and one of eight that you should put on your cover letter, not to mention flexibility and staying positive, too).

By the way, feeling (or getting) lost doesn’t have to be a bad thing. Ever taken a wrong turn and happened upon something 🙌 or fallen down a super-interesting 🐇 hole on social media (perhaps after taking our Phrase of the Week quiz)? Study abroad can be kind of like that, but IRL.

[So learn how to say it in other languages and then] take it from our students who’ve successfully navigated the twists and ↪️ of life abroad, whether by referring to our resources or using their own tips and tricks, accepting the things they can’t 🎮, or embracing when best laid plans go to, well, you know.

“I cried the first night that I arrived in Cape Town. I’ll admit it. It was scary and overwhelming.

But then the three weeks that followed were fantastic. I met people from all over the U.S., and South Africa, and the world, with experiences like mine and unlike mine—people who have since become my friends. We explored Cape Town, and saw the incredible views and experiences it has to offer. I climbed ladders up the Chutes and Ladders: Abroad Edition game, feeling closer and closer to feeling settled and happy in my new environment. ”
Mary Kaitlin E. (IES Abroad Cape Town | Villanova University)

We hope you're feeling a bit more zen and ready to ride out all the 🌊. Either way, let us lead the way!

Let's Flow

P.S. Our Fall Flexible Study Abroad programs are the perfect way to go with the flow! Meant to be taught on-site with adaptable, online plans if things change, check them out and apply by July 31st. 

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