Future-Focused Friday: As If We Needed More Spooky Things In Our Lives These Days!

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TGIF, ghosts, goblins, and ghouls! 👻

Spooky Szn's been a bit different his year, huh? Anybody else thinking that 2020 may have actually been a simulation of real life trick or treat? We're sick of the raisins—bring on the full-size candy bars, already! 🍫

Look, we don't know who needs to hear this, but it's more than okay to make Halloween pretty darn awesome this year. 🎃👹🍬 As far as we're concerned, this is the year to go big and go home. So let's trade in the goosebumps and nightmares for all the fun stuff—like the world's best candiesHalloween traditions from around the globe, and an extra hour of sleep this weekend. Unless spooky is one of those things that totally brings you joy. In which case, get your spooky scary on and start adding some of these haunted destinations around the world to your bucket list.

Ready to kick off this All Hallows Eve eve? Check out these Halloween-inspired blogs, articles, and videos from all over the world.

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Study abroad, study abroad, study abroad. Wait, we can't just steal that from "Beetlejuice" and hope that it shows up? Boo! Witchful thinking.

Ready to trick or treat yo'self to the adventure of a lifetime?

Let's Get Started ✈️

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