Future-Focused Friday: A Few Things That Helped Us Slow Down This Week

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Hey you.

When was the last time you took a deep breath? Like a big, body-filling breath? It's not always top-of-mind, so if you're in the same boat, here's a little invitation. We'll wait. Ah, that's better.

Can you guess the theme of this week's newsletter yet?
It's all about relaxing.

We loved the thought of it so much, we even shared how to say "relax" in a couple languages* to drive the theme home. Chasing chilled-out bliss has us thinking about how time spent in the limbo of quarantine isn't that much unlike slowing down before a voyage. Its also inspired us to create a bunch of soothing phone backgrounds* and think of ways to stay internationally inspired while stuck inside (we're definitely trying tip #7 this weekend).

We've got you covered with our most stress-relieving favorites from this week, so plug in and unwind this Future Focused Friday—you deserve it!

Lose Track of Time in Granada

Relaxplore (get it?) Spain through the lens of Soledad Tejada (Yale University | IES Abroad Granada) who, of her film, shares "…it can be very easy to lose track of time while studying abroad. Sometimes days feel like weeks and other times weeks like days.”

Stroll Sydney by Beach Walk

While studying abroad in Australia and interning on Bondi Beach, Taryn King (Hope College | IES Abroad Sydney) didn’t forget to stop, breath in some fresh sea air, and take in the view. Join her on her oceanside walk in this film. 

Come Alive in Japan

Come alive in the Land of the Rising Sun with this film by 2019 Film Festival Finalist Siyu Zhou (University of South Carolina | IES Abroad Tokyo), which is about "the friends I met, the staff, the experience we had together, made my best three months in my whole life.”

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Here's hoping your weekend is filled with less to-do lists and more 'you time'! Remember, looking out for #1 (you!) helps everything else fall in to place—including that dream to travel the world one day. Promise.

Start Your Adventure

P.S. Our followers let us know last week what makes a WFH space feel cozy...the resounding answer? Add a plant!  Stay tuned on @iesabroad for more fun IG polls and questions. Want more study abroad inspiration? Check out our Future-Focused Friday newsletter from last week

“Each time I venture outside my door, seeking out the quietest pockets of open space still available for solo (and socially distant) exploration, I find a piece of silver lining. Wildflowers begin to poke up through mosaic leaf litters, violet periwinkles and creamy snowdrops, and with each passing day familiar birds arrive home...”
Brendan M. • Bowdoin College • IES Abroad Galápagos Islands
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