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March 27, 2015

For many IES Abroad students, a volunteer or service learning placement can be a very fulfilling part of their study abroad experience. Just ask Chandra Dickey, (Nantes, Spring 2015).

In our Blog Post of the Week, Chandra explains how she chose—in a split-second decision—to study abroad in Nantes, France. She then discusses her recent volunteer placement at an organization where she tutors students from low-income families.

Chandra writes about a long, fruitful conversation she had with one of her students, where they discussed politics, culture, and life in France and America, contemplating that, “These meaningful conversations remind me why I chose to study in Nantes. Not only can I share another side of the United States most French students may not hear about, but I can hear new perspectives on French life and cultures from those who know it best: students. Thus, I'm proud to say I'm extremely happy to be here.


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