Dublin Writers Program Students Share Their Writings & Photos at End-of-Term Showcase

Powerful, insightful, creative, thought-provoking – these are just a few of the words we’ve been using to describe the work of our Spring 2017 Dublin – Writers Program students. Throughout the semester, these students work diligently to compose essays, short stories, poems, narratives, and more that capture their experience and beyond while studying abroad in Dublin.

At the end of the term, students have the opportunity to share their pieces in a unique showcase held at the IES Abroad Dublin Center. The showcase includes a public reading event, where they share a selection of their written works aloud and discuss the experience of shaping each piece. Listen to the students share and recite their impressive written works in the collection of videos below and watch IES Abroad Dublin’s Facebook Live to see student photos and to hear students’ thoughts on their IES Abroad classes and professors.

Also, an open photo gallery complements the reading event and offers students enrolled in courses like Photo/Graphic: Shaping Visual Narratives a space to share their completed photography portfolios and discuss the creative process behind each piece.

Feeling inspired to pursue a study abroad writing adventure in Ireland? Check out all of our study abroad Dublin programs.

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