Checking in with Student Photo Correspondent, Clara Smartt

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March 6, 2024
Checking in with Clara S.

Clara Smartt, one of our Spring 2024 Photo Correspondents, has been sharing incredible photos and recounting some of the most memorable moments from her semester so far in the Galápagos. 

Hear more from Clara while she's on the Galápagos Islands Direct Enrollment program!

Clara S. and friends in the Galapagos

What’s your favorite thing about studying with IES Abroad?

"My favorite thing about studying abroad with IES Abroad is the amazing staff! My staff team, including Robert and Ximena, have done such a great job in communicating and working with me and the other people in the program. They have also scheduled so many amazing opportunities for us. I also love the PANAS group, which is a group of local students who collaborate and engage with us IES students. It’s been great to have the opportunity to become friends with local students my age."

Clara S. on swings

Where’s your favorite place to hang out after class?

"We have classes from 9-12 everyday, and I love to spend the afternoon hanging out with friends on campus after class. I love to sit in the grass under the trees playing games, watching people play volleyball, and just talking with my friends."

Galapagos landscape shot

What's been your favorite field trip or course excursion so far?

"For my Wildlife Conservation Biology class we took a field trip to Antisana. The area was so beautiful, and we saw so many condors, which is the national bird, and its endangered. We also saw an Andean bear! Not only was the wildlife spectacular, but it was very interesting to learn about the threats to the area and how researchers are working with local communities to protect the area and the species that live there."

GAIAS students sitting in grass

What’s the biggest silly difference between your home campus and your host country?

"The biggest silly difference between by host campus and university campus is that my host campus in Quito has a pet pig. His name is Gaston and he has his own little enclosure, and you can take him on walks. I love to go say hi to him everyday!"

GAIAS group field trip

What are the top 3 items in your carry on?

"My Kindle, a deck of cards, and my water bottle."

Learn more about studying abroad in the Galápagos. Interested in becoming a Correspondent? Learn how to participate in our Correspondents Program! 

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