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Elsie McCabe, one of our Fall 2023 Blog Correspondents, took us along on her adventures in Rome as she participated in the IES Abroad Full Time Rome Internship Program.

She participated in an Archaeology Internship at the Colosseum in Rome as she's a History and Anthropology major at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. As she wraps up the semester, we asked Elsie a few questions about what made her experience memorable. 

Take it from Elsie firsthand:

What tourist destination is in your host city that's completely worth the hype?

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“Although my opinion is 100% biased, I have to say the Colosseum. As a full-time intern at the Colosseum, I get to see a little behind the scenes and fully appreciate the rich history of the site. Although it is known mostly for the gladiator battles that took place during the classical time periods, the Medieval and Renaissance time periods brought a different light to the Colosseum through art and religion.”
Elsie M. β€’ University of Nebraska - Lincoln β€’ Rome – Full Time Semester Internship
Elsie McCabe standing in the Colosseum

What’s your favorite thing about studying with IES Abroad?

"By far the best part about this program is the Italian Student Companions (ISCs). ISCs are Italian college students who plan activities for us that we likely wouldn't have found on our own. Although we all joke that they are paid to be our friends, they are genuinely amazing." 

Cats in Rome

What's been your favorite field trip or course excursion so far?

"Without a doubt, I would say the IES Abroad-led trip to Umbria. The first stop of the weekend was rafting, which was very relaxing and the tour guides were very entertaining. We quickly found some stray kittens that lived on the property and I've got to say, that was probably the highlight of the trip for me. We used sticks with leaves on the end as toys for them to chase around."

Interested in hearing more about Elsie's adventures and want to check out her blogs? Check out Blogs by Elsie McCabe. Happy Reading! 

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