🎉Celebrating IES Abroad 2023 Correspondents of the Year + Honorable Mentions!

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April 17, 2024
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💡 This year, we've decided it's time for some change. Instead of just selecting one, we've chosen three remarkable Correspondents of the Year across different categories: blogging, photography, and social media. We want to recognize and celebrate the dedication of our students abroad. They've showcased their creativity, passion for travel, and documented their journeys through various mediums. But we didn't stop there. We've also given special recognition to three honorable mentions whose exceptional work deserved time in the spotlight, too!

🙌 Here are a few pieces from our 2023 Correspondents of the Year and our honorable mentions! 

Want to learn more about our Correspondent program or hear from our previous winner? Check out our Correspondent program page and see how students have documented their time abroad. 

📖 Correspondent of the Year (Blogger) – Lily Nannini (IES Abroad Vienna | Spring 2023 | Washington and Lee University)

lily nannini spring 23 headshot

Time is Money

Lily shares insights on budgeting and finance while abroad.

Lily Nannini headshot

Falling in Love with Life and Italy

Love, life, and Italy! Lily explores her European love story in this post. 

“Lily is a two-term Correspondent studying in Vienna in Spring 2023 and Sydney for the Spring 2024 semester. Her writing is amazing, engaging, and fits exactly what we're looking for from our blogger correspondents!”
IES Abroad on Lily's work

🎥 Correspondent of the Year (Social Media) – SooMin Hwangbo (IES Abroad Granada | Spring 2023 | Bryn Mawr)

“SooMin created stunning videos depicting the beauty of everyday life in Spain. Many were of a film-like quality that transported the viewer abroad in dreamy and inspiring ways. She has an amazing eye for capturing the moment.”
IES Abroad on SooMin's work

📷 Correspondent of the Year (Photography) – Susie Webb (IES Abroad Rabat | Spring 2023 | UNC Chapel Hill)

Susie Webb COTY Photo Square 1
Susie Webb COTY Photo Square 2
Susie Webb COTY Photo Square 3

“Susie was an enormous help to us and the overall quality of photos we have for Rabat. We asked her to go out and take some photos to help us understand what Rabat really looks like and she did that exactly—but with hundreds of excellent photos. ”
IES Abroad on Susie's Work

📖 Honorable Mention (Blogger) – Jacob Chan (IES Abroad Madrid | Spring 2023 | Haverford College)

jacob chan headshot spring 2023 blogger

5 Things I Love About Madrid

Jacob highlights 5 of his favorite things about Madrid! 

Picture of Street View of park with tall tress and buildings on the side.

The Sum of Its Parts: Happiness Abroad

Dive into the emotion of the study abroad journey with Jacob.

“Jacob was a wonderful writer and has a way with words, with connecting with others, and a few great posts with titles that were top choices for features. ”
IES Abroad on Jacob's work

🎥 Honorable Mention (Social Media) – Adah Freeman (IES Abroad Granada | Spring 2023 | North Carolina State University)

“Adah took her creative talents to the next level with detailed watercolors of her favorite Spanish scenes. Never before have I witnessed a student blend social media with fine arts in this way. It was unique, creative, thoughtful, and clearly took a lot of time and effort.”
IES Abroad on Adah's work

📷 Honorable Mention (Photography) – Alex Spear (IES Abroad Madrid | Spring 2023 | Bowdoin College)

Alex Spear COTY Photo 1
Alex Spear COTY Photo 2
Alex Spear COTY Photo 3

“Alex is a truly skilled photographer that helped us see Madrid through her eyes—in a more artistic way. She was eager to also do a news story for us when we asked.”
IES Abroad on Alex's Work

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