Announcing Our New Programs for the 2017-18 Academic Year

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Ashley Houston
May 9, 2016

We are pleased to announce our new semester and summer study abroad and internship programs for the 2017-18 academic year! Based on student feedback, recommendations from our Consortium, and the results of our rigorous program evaluations, our new programs are designed to further meet students’ academic needs and interests.

SEMESTER (starting Spring 2017)

Barcelona – Full-Time Semester Internship
Get a head start on your career by gaining international work experience with a semester in Barcelona, the economic and cultural hub of the Iberian Peninsula. You’ll develop your professional skills and your ability to communicate across cultures with an unpaid, for credit, semester-long internship placement of at least 30 hours a week.

Dublin – Full-Time Semester Internship
The cultural center and heart of Ireland, Dublin is well-known for the arts, education, journalism, education, and more. Get to know this beautiful city while jump-starting your career with a semester-long internship where you’ll work at your placement for 32-40 hours a week.

London – Full-Time Semester Internship
Gain international work experience with a semester internship in London, the world’s leading city for international finance and a major driver in the global economy. Build an international network of contacts with a semester-long internship where you’ll work at your placement 32-40 hours a week.

Rome - Full-Time Semester Internship 
Live and intern in Rome—the capital and largest city in Italy. In addition to the world-famous art, architecture, food, and fashion, you'll find a bustling finance, start-up, and technology scene. Add global brilliance to your résumé with a semester-long internship in Rome where you'll work for at least 25 hours a week.

SEMESTER (starting Fall 2017)

Multi-Location – Europe & the Muslim World: Granada & Rabat
Designed for students seeking a deeper understanding of the ties between Western Europe and the Muslim world, this program offers a glimpse into the intertwined cultures, politics, histories, and economies of Spain and Morocco.

Multi-Location – Emerging Economies: Buenos Aires & Santiago
Updated Location
Designed for students interested in economics, sociology, political science, and business, this multi-location interdisciplinary program offers a unique comparative perspective of two of the strongest emerging economies in South America: Santiago, Chile, and Buenos Aires, Argentina. The fall program begins with orientation in Santiago, where the first half of the program is held, followed by a week-long, course-related trip to Peru, and the second half of the program in Buenos Aires. In the spring, the order of this program is reversed to begin in Buenos Aires and end in Santiago.

SUMMER (starting Summer 2017)

Cape Town Summer – Internship
Built between mountain and sea, Cape Town is an absolutely stunning city with internship opportunities in the fields of business, health, education, NGOs, and more. Take in all that this spectacular location has to offer with a full-time summer internship.

Nice Summer – Multiculturalism in France
There are many reasons to spend your summer studying abroad in Nice—the sunshine, the famous coastline, and lively arts scene are just a few. Designed for students interested in learning about the growing diversity of France, the Mediterranean basin, and Europe as a whole, this program focuses on the immigrant migration that has taken place over the years.


Starting Fall 2017 the Study in Santiago Program will split in two:

Santiago – Health Studies (starting Fall 2017)
Designed for advanced Spanish students in health-related majors such as Pre-Med, Nursing, and Public Health, as well as students in other health-related fields, this program offers valuable insight into Santiago’s health care system. You will develop health care-related experience while improving your communication skills through a Spanish course for health practitioners.

Santiago – Politics, Social Justice & Language (starting Fall 2017)
Explore the intricacies of the Chilean sociopolitical landscape: student activism, the arts as a form of resistance, human rights issues, and an impressive literary culture (via world renowned authors like Pablo Neruda and Isabel Allende). Your studies and extracurricular adventures will without a doubt allow you to embark on a real-life case study of Chile's thriving society.

Previously Buenos Aires Summer – Language & Argentine Studies, this program is now split in two:

Buenos Aires Summer – Agricultural & Environmental Sciences (starting Summer 2017)
Students with Agricultural, Natural, and Environmental Sciences majors will find this program particularly interesting and will have the ability to take courses in English at the Universidad de Buenos Aires School of Agriculture (UBA). UBA courses will incorporate extensive course-related excursions to give you an in-depth perspective of the importance of agriculture to the Argentine economy, as well as the science behind this industry.

Buenos Aires Summer – Language & Argentine Studies (starting Summer 2017)
With its influential history, beautiful European-style architecture, and rich cultural life (think theater, tango dancing, and delicious cuisine), Buenos Aires offers you a welcoming atmosphere for living and learning abroad. Accommodating to students of all Spanish skill levels, this program gives you the opportunity to immerse yourself in Argentine culture by taking a Spanish language course as well as an area studies course.

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Ashley Houston

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