9 Signs You Studied Abroad in South Africa

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There’s no denying it, studying abroad in South Africa changed your life in the big ways you perceive the world and the little day-to-day habits that you still can’t break even after you’ve returned home.

We asked some of our recent Cape Town alumni to finish the statement: “You know you studied abroad in South Africa when…”


  1. You completed the three-peak challenge from sun-up to sun-down and felt like a total rock star.
  2. You're constantly craving malva pudding.
  3. You're always looking for an excuse to show people your safari pictures.

  1. BBQ just doesn't taste quite as good as a braai.
  2. You reply "shame" to literally everything.
  3. You start ordering biltong (dried, cured meat) online because you can't go without it.

  1. You're still running on South African time.
  2. You miss rusks (twice-baked biscuits) every day.
  3. Your phone or desktop background is some view of Table Mountain.

Shout out to our Cape Town Ambassadors Erica G. (University of Michigan), Jolie S. (University of Michigan), Gwen M. (University of Vermont), and Simmy V. (University of Mississippi) for sharing their South Africa nostalgia with us!

Contact a Cape Town Ambassador to learn more of what it’s like to study abroad in South Africa. Still riding the nostalgia train?  Browse more alumni responses to "You Know You Studied Abroad When..."

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