8 Signs You Studied Abroad in Australia

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April 4, 2019

You knew studying abroad in Australia could be life changing, but it probably wasn’t until you returned home that you realize just how much life Down Under changed your mindset and habits in even the smallest ways.

We caught up with some of our recent Sydney alumni who shared their answers to: “You know you studied abroad in Australia when…”


  1. You are constantly thinking of ways to escape back there.
  2. You call any person/animal/object “mate.”
  3. You include at least one Australia reference into any given conversation.
  4. You use their lingo and are disappointed when people don't know what it means.

  1. You miss the beautiful weather and breathtaking beaches in Sydney!
  2. You love a place more than you love any single person.
  3. You feel heartbroken that you are not there.
  4. You realize you will never be back in a better place in your entire life.

Shout out to our Sydney Ambassadors Mary P. (Penn State University), Rachel U. (Rutgers University – New Brunswick), Natalie A. (Penn State University), and Kaylin C. (Penn State University) for sharing their nostalgia for Australia with us!

Learn more about what it’s like to study abroad in Australia by contacting our Sydney AmbassadorsStill riding the nostalgia train?  Browse more alumni responses to "You Know You Studied Abroad When..."

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