6 Reasons Our Study Abroad Students Love Nantes, France

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Ashley Houston
August 27, 2015
Our students love Nantes!
Never heard of it? Nantes is a quaint French city that sits along the Loire River in Western France.
Last week we asked some of our Nantes Ambassadors to give us the skinny on why to choose the IES Abroad program in Nantes. The response was overwhelming and we couldn’t wait to share some of their Instagram photos and highlights. It’s clear that in Nantes, new friends and family are standout elements of the program! Here are six of our favorite “Why @IESabroad Nantes” responses:
1. “Because the friends and family are forever, because the experiences are life changing, and because the hidden treasures of Nantes include boulangeries where workers come to know you and your lunch order by the end of the semester”
- @rachfyfe31 (Rachel Ann Fyfe | Luther College | Spring 2015)
Nantes, France
2. “A place where every day can become a new adventure filled with history, culture, good company, and the language we love to speak”
- @egaid15 (Emily Gaid | Wofford College | Spring 2015)
Sunset in Nantes, France
3. “Because I came back a year later to a host family who still loved me and watched the sun go down in the most beautiful place on earth”
- @helloearthling (Sarah Hubert | Pacific Lutheran University | Spring 2014) 
Ladies in Nantes, France
4. “Because every day brings a new experience and a new memory. Because the culture is beautiful and the people are welcoming. Why study in Nantes? Because it truly becomes your second home”
- @beccaboosunoo (Rebecca Catharine Sunoo | Pacific Lutheran University | Spring 2015)
Nighttime in Nantes, France
5. “The family, the friends, the food, the learning, the culture, the experiences”
@kealeyjohnson (Kealey Johnson | University of Portland | Spring 2015)
Petting Zoo in Nantes, France
6. “Because only Nantes has a public petting zoo”
- @callen_93 (Conrad Allen | Ohio State University | Spring 2015)


To learn more, check out our Study in Nantes Program and chat with an Ambassador today!

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Ashley Houston

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