5 Superstitions Redefined by Study Abroad

If Friday the 13th has you feeling superstitious, we’re here to help. This day doesn’t have to be so unlucky, especially when you’re studying abroad!

Here are five superstitions debunked while you’re abroad:

1. Don’t walk under the ladder! While walking under a ladder may bring you bad luck, walking across the Sydney Harbour Bridge will bring you spectacular views of scenic Australia. Take in all that Sydney has to offer while studying abroad in Australia on our semester and summer programs.


2. Bad luck comes in threes. We beg to differ. Our Multi-Location Summer Program – Museums & Beyond takes you to three historic European cities – Paris, Rome, and Madrid. Why study abroad in one great city when you can explore three? No bad luck here.


3. Black cat cross your path? Time to go to Ecuador. Cross paths with sea lions, iguanas, tortoises –and more! – while you’re studying abroad in Quito and the Galápagos Islands on our semester and summer programs. Bad luck reversed.


4. It’s bad luck to spill salt. What about walking on it? When you study abroad in Santiago on our semester and summer programs, you’ll take a field trip to the Atacama Desert, home to the largest salt flat in Chile.


5. Beginner’s Luck. Not much to redefine here. Actually, we couldn’t agree more. When you study abroad, you’re experiencing life as local student for the first time. Try new things and go new places!

What are you waiting for? Find the best study abroad program for you.

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