5 Study Abroad Blogs to Spark Your Summer Wanderlust

Our study abroad bloggers are preparing to embark on their summer adventures around the world, and they’re talking all about it in their predeparture posts – from study abroad bucket lists to feelings of excitement and anticipation.

Put on your shades, find a sunny spot on the beach, and indulge in these posts that are sure to spark your summer wanderlust.

“What’s my ‘bucket list’ for studying abroad? I’d be lying if I said I didn’t have one, scribbled in pink in a notebook on my desk: walk through the majestic halls of the Louvre, take an Italian cooking class, have a conversation with a local in Spanish.”

For those who hate goodbyes by Kyra Bean | Multi-location Summer – Museums & Beyond: Art & Culture in Paris, Rome & Madrid | Ithaca College

“Going to Tokyo would be my second time on a plane and the first time I ever leave the country. Almost everything about this trip is wildly unfamiliar to me and has been accompanied by strange late night googles like ‘What exactly is an itinerary?’, ‘How often will I take off my shoes?’, ‘How do bathrooms work in Japan’, ‘What do Japanese people think about Afros?’ and ‘Where do I buy mozzarella cheese from in Tokyo?’ It’s both nerve-racking and wildly exciting.”

Reflections before heading to Tokyo! (And how do I pack art tools?!) by Daniel De Boulay | Tokyo | The New School – Eugene Lang

“I am so looking forward to learning the techniques of Gaelic football, hurling, and handball. Then I am excited for the potential to dance a jig, milk a cow, and visit the bog for an optional bog jump! I am most excited (and a little nervous) to experience the intensive acting program at the Gaiety School of Acting.”

Researching Ireland & Hilary Swank ~ A Pre-departure Preparation by Allie Lawrence | Dublin | University of Puget Sound

“The goals I hope to accomplish while studying abroad and interning revolve around immersing myself into a new culture, trying new foods (I have a list of restaurants that I want to try already!), visit some of Rome’s ancient runs such as the Forum and Colosseum, and working hard to gain experience in marketing and public relations.”

Off to Rome, Italy! By Kayla Turgeon | Rome | University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill

“I am very excited as I prepare to begin this journey. I am ecstatic to solidify my Spanish language fluency, as well as my cultural fluency and understanding. I am living the dream and am thrilled to make the most of it!”

It’s Been a Long Time Coming – Off to Santiago by Patrick Houston | Santiago | Swarthmore College

There’s plenty more where that came from. For more beach reads, check out all of our summer study abroad bloggers.

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