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University of the Pacific
Barcelona - Summer 2017

Hi everyone! My name is Lauren Anderson and I am from the Sacramento, California area, but I am studying Engineering Management at University of the Pacific in Stockton, California. I am so excited to study abroad in Barcelona, Spain and learn all about the people, language, food, and other aspects of Spanish culture. One of my favorite things to do is learn about other cultures, so that is what my blog will reflect. Look forward to seeing and learning about Spanish culture!

Ithaca College
Multi-Location: Paris, Rome & Madrid - Summer 2017

Hello! My name is Kyra, and I'm a Writing Major at Ithaca College. I am more than ready to fall in love with these beautiful European cities - Paris, Rome, and Madrid - this summer, and I hope that my blogs will let you fall in love alongside me. Get ready to be tested, as there will be many challenges to overcome on our journey together. Hang on tight, and enjoy the ride.

University of Illinois at Chicago
Paris - Summer 2017

Hey, my name is Tyler! I am in the Paris - Beginning Language and Marketing program, studying Global Marketing. I am obsessed with the art and culture in this beautiful city of Paris, and want to spread the beauty to all that will take it. Join me in my adventures inside and outside of the classroom!

Purdue University
Freiburg - Summer 2017

I am a junior studying Anthropology at Purdue University with minors in Political Science, Religious Studies, and Human Rights Studies. I enjoy reading everything from historical fiction to sci-fi and fantasy, but I'm especially drawn to the classics - Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter - you name it! I want to spend the rest of my life learning about everything, especially people and culture, and perhaps find ways to encourage more people to appreciate that knowledge as well!

Indiana University
Vienna - Summer 2017

Hi everyone! My name is Erika Coy and I am so exciting to be blogging for IES Abroad. Let me tell you about myself. My hobbies include going places I have never been and doing things I have never done, and I also enjoy crossword puzzles. I am outgoing and love sharing my experiences with everyone. Happy reading!

Indiana University
Santiago - Summer 2017

My name is Molly and I am studying and working in Santiago. I'm a Journalism and Spanish majors from Brookfield, Illinois. Follow along during my experience in Santiago and hopefully you'll learn something!

The New School - Eugene Lang
Tokyo - Summer 2017

Hello! My name is Daniel and I'm a student at Parsons for Fine Arts with a minor in Art History and a student at Eugene Lang for Global Studies with a minor in Japanese. This blog will study both my experience in Japan as a first generation American who has never left the US, as well as study Japanese art first hand, both historical and contemporary, high and low, and everything I can find inbetween!

Colby College
Barcelona - Summer 2017

Greetings! My name is Martin Deutsch, and I am a rising junior at Colby College. I am a computer science major, but I also enjoy reading, writing, hiking, and video games. I am super excited to share my adventures in Barcelona with you this summer!

Northwestern University
Arles - Summer 2017

Hi, I'm Aine! First of all, it's pronounced Anya. Now that we've gotten that out of the way, I'm an aspiring journalist and world traveler with a passion for food and all things French. I go to school in Chicago and I'm from Philadelphia (two cities with vibrant food scenes, of course). My dream job is to be a writer for Bon Appétit or a food magazine in France, and I'm on a mission to eat as much French food as I can in six weeks.

Temple University
Rabat - Summer 2017

Alex Ennes is a sophomore majoring in English (Creative Writing concentration) with minors in Arabic and Criminal Justice. She comes from Cape Cod, Massachusetts, where she enjoys spending her time reading and writing on the beach or taking her dogs for walks down to the dock! Alex currently lives in Philadelphia exploring her passions for reading, writing, learning languages, and playing music at Temple University, where she is also a Resident Assistant and Owl Ambassador (tour guide). Alex will be spending Summer 2017 in Morocco through IES Abroad's Rabat Summer: Francophone Studies and Arabic Language Program.

Swarthmore College
Santiago - Summer 2017

Hey folks! I'm a Philadelphia, PA native and just graduated from Swarthmore College where I studied political science and environmental policy. I love learning new things, especially by engaging with people and place around me! I'm passionate about environmental sustainability, love the outdoors and fitness, and I enjoy conversations ranging anywhere from discussion about moral philosophy to humorous references to The Office.

University of Puget Sound
Dublin - Summer 2017

Hi There! My name is Elisabeth "Allie" Lawrence and I am a Theatre and English double major with an emphasis in creative writing at the University of Puget Sound in Tacoma, WA. At UPS, one of my favorite activities is being a coproducer for the sketch comedy troupe on campus, Ubiquitous They. I am beyond excited to be able to experience Dublin, Ireland for the first time and grow as an actor in the final summer before my senior year.

Indiana University
Paris - Summer 2017

I'm going to be a junior at Indiana University, where I will eventually, definitely, probably major in computer science. Despite such a technical degree, there is a lot outside of that sphere that interests me as well. I love to write and am trying to get good at fiction; I enjoy playing the bassoon (but I loathe practicing); lately I've been getting into epistemology (i.e. How can we know anything?); and I also like acting and hope to produce or star in a movie some day...some day. Ah, and yes, I love speaking French!

University of Tennessee - Knoxville
Cape Town - Summer 2017

Well hello there, I'm just a Jesus loving, coffee drinking, adventure seeking, Spongebob watching new adult who belly laughs at dad jokes and genuinely enjoys reading National Geographic. Nice to meet you.

Xavier University (OH)
Tokyo - Summer 2017

Hey there! I'm currently a Junior in college double-majoring in English and Film. My dream is to be a storyteller of both the real and the too good to be real. I take a little journal and camera with me wherever I go, because I never knew when I'll find a great idea or a beautiful scene. This will be my first time in Japan, and I hope you enjoy the journey as much as I will!

Duquesne University
Dublin - Summer 2017

Welcome to an inside look at my adventures abroad this Summer! I'm originally from the California Bay Area, and recently graduated as a student-athlete from Duquesne University in Pittsburgh, PA. Here's to a two-month adventure in Dublin!

Indiana University
Dublin - Summer 2017

Hi! My name Anna! I study history and folklore at Indiana University. I'm a young chicana who loves hot Cheetos. My favorite holiday is Halloween because I've always been a spooky kid at heart!

Ryerson University
Milan - Summer 2017

Victoria is a 21 year old writer and graphic designer interning in Milan. A self proclaimed bad dancer who is dedicated to eating all of the carbs in Italy. She is set on figuring out how many ways she can mispronounce Italian phrases and remain charming in social settings

College of William & Mary, The
Shanghai - Summer 2017

Hi there! If you like cranberries, coffee, or swimming recreationally, you have come to the wrong place (but I'm sure there are blogs for those things elsewhere). I am currently a junior at the College of William and Mary and am studying Sociology and Marketing. I enjoy NPR tiny desk concerts and living vicariously through other people's Snapchats.
Also, I make some pretty decent Spotify playlists and am willing to make one for your next life event, whether it be a wedding, a party, or your dog's teeth cleaning. Join me as I journey through the bustling city of Shanghai and attempt to experience everything in 8 weeks!

Fordham University
Dublin - Summer 2017

Hi! I'm Kellyanne, a New York City girl taking on Dublin. Here you will find some of my everyday thoughts and experiences during my journey this summer!

University of Texas - Austin
Berlin - Summer 2017

Hey, was geht's? I'm a 20-year-old Urban Studies major at the University of Texas at Austin going abroad for the first time through the Berlin Summer: Metropolitan Studies and Architecture program. I have an interest in sustainable practices in local businesses and their communities and am coming to Berlin to learn more about making urban centers more sustainable and accessible places to live. That being said, my time abroad should be equal parts learning inside and out of the classroom, so I'll also be writing about exploring some of my other interests in different cultures, such as yoga, philosophy, or, of course, my undying love for cats.

Yale University
Madrid - Summer 2017

The name's Kiddest, and welcome to my travel blog. I live in Eugene, Oregon with my four sisters, which means I love hiking and drinking too much kombucha. I enjoy writing, drawing, and cooking. When I'm not embarrassing myself in public, you'll probably find me in bed laughing at memes. Sometimes I attempt to speak Spanish.

University of Florida
Sydney - Summer 2017

My name is Haley Straub and I am an animal sciences student at the University of Florida aspiring to be an exotic animal Veterinarian. I also have a huge interest in international studies and dance, both of which I am receiving minors for. I could not be more excited to travel to Sydney this Summer and gain a ton of new life experience, both in and out of the workplace!

University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill
Rome - Summer 2017

Kayla is rising senior at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, or the University of National Champions, majoring in Psychology and Neuroscience with a minor in Public Relations. When she is not in class, she loves soul cycling and trying new foods. She is excited to document her adventures and hopes to share this blog on the internship experience of a lifetime.

Carnegie Mellon University
Nagoya - Summer 2017

Hi everyone, my name's Trento. I'm just your average college student, looking to explore the world and learn as much as I possibly can! I'm fascinated by cultural differences, music, urban environments, and popular cultures, so expect a lot more on that! I'll make sure to capture all of my adventures in Japan right here on this site, so be sure to check back and see what else I've found.

Campbell University
Berlin - Summer 2017

I lived in Northern New York for 18 years before moving to North Carolina for college. I have traveled to 12 countries (and counting). Music lover. Coffee enthusiast.

University Of Tampa
London - Summer 2017

My name is Rachel Wichlacz and I am currently a sophomore (second year) college student interning abroad in London. I have previously traveled to Poland, Slovakia, Smokey Mountains in the US, Florida Keys in the US, Rocky Mountains in the US, and several other places where I have photographed scenery. This travel blog will focus on my day to day life in London for my internship so readers, like you, can see what it is like to live here for two months!