13 Students' Perspectives on the Study Abroad Courses Now Offered Online

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May 20, 2020

This June, some of our best courses from abroad are going online, so you can take online summer classes from world-class IES Abroad professors and travel from city to city via our Virtual World DiscoverIES Program. And while we can tell you why these tried-and-true courses are our top-reviewed term after term, wouldn’t it be better to hear from the students who actually took them? Past students used words like engaging, eye-opening, and exciting to describe their courses, but read on to hear what else they had to say about some of our nearly 20 top-notch courses available this summer.


AN362 Japanese Popular Culture | Tokyo

"I took two courses with Professor Hall because of the recommendation of a student who had taken him before, and I'd certainly give the same recommendation to the next interested group of students.

This course is a great option for someone who wants to really take a deep dive into the world of Japanese pop culture… the articles he assigns for presentations are absolutely wild and all worth a read.” – Kate L. (Fall 2019 | College of William & Mary)


IB334 – The Business of Sports in Europe | Barcelona

“I never fully understood sports until I took this course...I now realize running a successful organization is about much more than what happens during a match.

Rather than merely looking over slides, students are encouraged to debate and are given various real life projects to apply learned information in a creative way. These types of activities coupled with Professor Hiscock’s genuine passion and love of sport makes this class a must take.” – Jared T. (Spring 2020 - University of Michigan - Ann Arbor)

“Dawn's teaching style was so vital for the success of the course due to her passion for the subject. She was able to engage us in a multitude of ways including: interactive activities, videos of sporting events, and many discussions/debates of current events in the sports world [...] Out of all my classes, Dawn easily did the best job of transitioning to online.” – Ethan H. (Spring 2020 - University of Michigan - Ann Arbor)

Intern stands in the Armani Silos Museum

IB355 – Managing Fashion and Luxury Companies | Milan

“I always admired luxury brands and clothing lines, and now I know more about them than ever before. This course will truly open your eyes to the fashion world, and what’s beyond the storefront!” - Alexandra L. (Fall 2019 | Bentley University)

“I was certainly not the most knowledgeable when it came to luxury brands…so I would always walk away from class being so fascinated with this world. We learned so much about the Italian culture and how it revolved around fashion.” - Annie O. (Fall 2019 | Villanova University)

“If someone has a genuine interest in learning about the history of fashion or wants to make fashion part of their career, they would really enjoy this class and find it useful.” – Jaci B. (Spring 2019 | Butler University)


IB/IR393 – Leading Across Cultures: Principles and Practice | Barcelona

"I would definitely take this class again if I could. The content is relevant to your everyday life. You will be well versed in the various foundations of leadership, learn how to engage in leadership across different cultures, analyze leadership cases, and also grow as an individual."

Jay’s teaching style was engaging, interactive, and dynamic. Our classroom ambiance was unlike any other class I took at IES, and was preferable to most classes at my home university. It was such a unique course and I highly recommend taking it!” – Jamie S. (Fall 2019 | Frankling & Marshall College)


PS/SO340 - The Psychology of Prejudice and Discrimination | Vienna

“My favorite thing I learned...was how seemingly small things like online searches about people or groups can create deeper biases and prejudices against certain identities.

Professor Ebner-Daigle's teaching style was quite engaging and worked to get your mind thinking. She is great at bouncing back ideas and keeping the discussion flow going.” - Reese B. (Spring 2019 | University of Texas - Austin)

“This class exposes many shadowy sides of power relations in our society. It forces us to reflect with compelling self-awareness…with riveting anecdotes and activities that really help the material hit home.

Prof. Ebner-Daigle is wonderful. I don't think online classes could undermine the potency of her class discussions and lectures.” - Rohan D. (Spring 2019 | Boston College)


SO/HE323 Endemic Diseases & Their Socioeconomic Context | Cape Town

My favorite thing about the class was how applicable it is to just about anywhere in the world. You learn about the most pressing endemic diseases our world faces which I think is so important for everyone to be conscious of.

Although not having the class trips or being face to face with professors, don’t let that stop you from taking the course! It’s such an important topic, especially today, and something everyone should study. Learning about endemic diseases in South Africa was so enlightening and allowed me to better understand the United States, as well.” – Michaela S. (Fall 2019 | Villanova University)


SO352 – British Youth Culture | London

"I have to say, British Youth Culture is seriously my favorite class I have ever taken…not just abroad but out of all classes I have taken. My favorite thing about this class was studying artists that represented social change in history. We studied musicians such as The Beatles, David Bowie, Queen, Lady Gaga, all of whom are artists that I personally love listening to.” Riley W. (Fall 2019 | Hope College)

Prof. Weight is one of the best professors I've had in my undergraduate career and learning from one of the leading experts on this subject was so rewarding! I highly recommend taking this class, as it is fun, while still being highly educational. If you love music, fashion, and want to see how youth culture evolves throughout the decades, this is the class for you!” - Kyle V. (Spring 2019 | Wagner College) 


SP486 – Spanish for Health Sciences | Madrid

"I would recommend this class highly. The teaching style of the professor was very conversational…[she] was very energetic and extremely kind and sweet. My favorite thing that I learned in this class was how a Spanish hospital functions. [It’s] very different from how hospitals in the U.S. function." – Scott G. (Fall 2019 | University of Michigan - Ann Arbor)

There's more where this came from! These are just nine of the 19 top-reviewed courses we're offering online this summer. Imagine studying Histories and Legends of ParisIndigenous Literature in Ecuador, Organized Crime in Italy, or another one of our global topics. Discover more about our Virtual World DiscoverIES Program, courses, and the talented professors that teach them and apply by June 1st, 2020 to enroll for this summer!

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“I was particularly engaged in my class because my professor was super enthusiastic about the material, which made me more enthusiastic as well.”
Riley W. • IES Abroad London • Hope College
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