International Educators of Illinois (IEI) 2023 Conference

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International Educators of Illinois (IEI) 2023 Conference takes place March 9 -10 at Moraine Valley Community College in Palos Hills, Illinois.

IES Abroad will be in attendance and presenting on a range of topics on Friday, March 10th: 

  • Early Morning Yoga
    • Melissa Comiskey, Executive Director for Internship Programming
  • See Yourself Abroad: How to use Student Generated Content to Market to Prospective Students
    • Jason Schroeder, Graphic Designer; Kevin Reyes, Social Media Assistant; and Chelsea Kuchik, Marketing Specialist
  • How the Sausage is Made: Building Faculty-Led Programs from the Ground Up
    • Sherene Awong, Customized Program Manager; and Kate Simmons, Program Manager at DePaul University (and past IES Abroad employee)
  • The Visa View: Understanding Visas from Multiple Perspectives Post-Pandemic
    • Jadon Sokoll-Ward, Global Enrollment Management Specialist; Macy Miller, Global Enrollment Specialist; and Nykki Hutchinson, Global Enrollment Specialist
  • I can, I will, End of Story. Conquering Impostor Syndrome
    • Michaela Kendall, Senior Academic Database Specialist

More information can be found on the IEI Website