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Transforming Lives. Building Futures.

Building Bridges is a monthly giving program with 100% of every dollar going directly to IES Abroad scholarships. With your monthly gift, you are joining a movement of supporters who are passionate about building a strong foundation of opportunity, confidence, and cultural understanding for the next generation of global leaders. Become a partner to break down barriers that prevent qualified students from accessing life-changing experiences abroad.

Once A Building Bridges Member, You'll Receive:

Welcome gift to begin your journey in our community of monthly donors.

Progress updates from scholarship recipients around the world.

Surprise year-end thank you souvenir.

The satisfaction of knowing you are making a lasting impact on students.

We Reached Our Goal: 50 Building Bridges Monthly Donors!

We are excited to announce that the IES Abroad community of alumni and friends met our goal of reaching 50 monthly donors and unlocking a $6,000 challenge grant from two generous donors for study abroad scholarships! We launched the Building Bridges Monthly Giving Program to create a community of supporters dedicated to building a more understanding and peaceful world through the education of our next generation of global leaders. The monthly contributions of Building Bridges members will provide a strong foundation of sustainable support for students who require scholarship funds to embark on their life-changing adventures.

Interested in being part of the impact? Join us in building bridges across the world, providing students with the opportunity to foster intercultural competence, create lasting friendships, and develop professional skills to launch their careers. Start your monthly gift today.

 As the first in my family to go to college, I’ve faced many obstacles just to get to where I am. To be able to study abroad in a country such as France is icing on top of the cake. Even though I worked three jobs last year on top of going to school full-time, my income went towards paying my tuition and helping pay bills at home… To me, this scholarship meant the world.

Silvia M. (IES Abroad Paris, Fall 2017)
Meet Our Challenge Grantmakers

Wendy Feldman | IES Abroad Parent

"One of the greatest gifts we can give our children is the gift of education – which comes in all shapes and sizes. When education runs in conjunction with global travel – not only is this a true gift for our children, THIS is when the magic happens! IES Abroad gave my daughter, Jenna, the chance to travel to a new terrain and explore, study, engage and understand the passion and culture that exists within the glorious city of Granada, Spain.

IES Abroad ensured that the students took advantage of all that Granada has to offer and could fully weave themselves into the fabric of this country. I cannot say enough things about the AMAZING program! Thank you IES Abroad."

Steven Streich | IES Abroad Vienna, Fall 1971

"When I left my small town in Texas to go to Vienna in the fall of 1971, the only thing I was sure of was that I was going to a very different place than the one I had grown up in.  The Cold War was raging, the Iron Curtain surrounded the western half of Austria, and Vienna was a faded beauty of a city, the former capital of a large but now dismembered empire. During the year that followed I became an adopted member of my Austrian family, learned pretty good German, traveled extensively throughout Europe, and met my partner of 38 years. Since then, my entire life has unfolded in the shadow of that one remarkable year.  It has been endlessly fascinating and rewarding.

When you study abroad, you open up a world of possibilities for yourself and the people you meet. It’s your chance to see things from other perspectives and help others see things from yours. I’ve made giving to IES Abroad a priority through a recurring monthly donation in loving memory of my late partner. I’m not rich, and there is no dearth of worthy causes, but if I can help one student experience what we did, it will have well been worth it.”