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Jan 28 2:12pm

Can I Study Abroad Right Now?

Post by IES Abroad

“Can I study abroad right now?” The answer is, ultimately, "yes" so let’s talk about all of the things you should think about as you cautiously, but optimistically, get ready to study abroad in the year ahead.

Jan 27 3:13pm

Adjusting to a Mediterranean Lifestyle

Post by Taylor Quinn

My time in Nice so far has been nothing short of a dream. It’s only been three weeks, but I’m in love with the city and everything it has to offer. Before arriving in Nice, I had plenty of worries about making friends, the language barrier, or general mishaps.

Jan 27 12:49pm

Only The Beginning, Milan.

I've officially been in Milan for a little over a week, and while that isn't much time to experience a brand new city, I already feel a sense of belonging and home. Things are picking up and even though my life in Milan, Italy has just begun, I am already so excited about my future here — here's a sneak peek into how in just one week, this trip has already turned out better than I ever imagined.

Jan 26 2:08pm

Last Week Before Berlin

Post by Defne Egbo

I am officially one week away from flying to Berlin for the IES Berlin - Metropolitan & Urban Studies program, so what better time to show you how I've been getting ready for my upcoming German adventure! 

Jan 26 6:45am

My Newfound Love of Tapas 

Post by Noa Solomon

Upon my arrival to Spain I was very eager to immerse myself in all things Spanish cuisine. I would consider myself a food connoisseur.

Jan 25 12:59pm

Studying Abroad Made Me Realize How Much I Love Home

Post by Amanda Carrier

Studying abroad in Nantes, France was an exciting, unique experience that I am endlessly grateful for. Now that I have been back home for a few weeks, I have been reflecting on this past semester and what it means to me. One of the recurring thoughts that I keep coming back to is that studying abroad made me realize how much I love home.