The Truth about Helado

Although recently I’ve been obsessing over Halloween candy my mom sent me in the mail (almond joys and dark chocolate…THANKS!), I am usually planning my next ice cream excursion.  I haven’t been able to get a clear definition on the differences between ice cream and gelato (because the Spanish words are very similar sounding, “helado” and “gelato”) but my taste buds can tell.  If you’re looking for a creamy fix, ice cream will be thicker, whereas gelato will be almost like sorbet.

By far the best gelato in Granada is from “Los Italianos,” a place endorsed by the first lady herself.  They make so much money during the summer months that they shut down in the winter.  The texture is light and airy, and much more “fresh” tasting than a heavy ice cream.  I would recommend the stracciatella or yogur.  You can also get an ice cream pie called cassata…this will have different layers of flavor, and one that has dried nuts and fruits.

There is a brand called “Tagliani” that’s everywhere (usually marked by a huge animated ice cream cone out front) and it’s pretty good.  They give you a lot of bang for your buck.  Also, the product is a lot creamier than gelato-y…part of the reason I’m lacking a clear definition of the two desserts.

Café Fútbol” (in Plaza Mariana Pineda) has REALLY good ice cream, which you can order by the scoop…but it’s impossible to get just one.

But…the real Granada gem is “Café Bohemia” in Plaza de Lobos.  Their specialties are cold, chocolate syrup drinks with ice cream.  YUM!  The décor is awesome as well—very eclectic, but a perfect place to meet with friends and talk.