Touring Toledo

Buena Vista de Toledo Me in Toledo Entrance to Toledo Forged in Fire For All Your Weaponry Needs Sinagoga de Toledo Catedral de Toledo Open Up A Tranquil Spot in Toledo Keys to the City Home of El Greco One To Rule Them All!

Wow, October went by so fast that I didn’t get a chance to upload our last excursion of the month (and of the semester) – Toledo!  We spent the whole day there, and I decided that Toledo is one of the prettiest cities I’ve visited in Spain.  It’s south of Salamanca, famous for sword-making and black-and-gold jewelry.  On our tour of the city, we saw lots of small cathedrals and monasteries, but my favorite part was visiting a factory where they actually make swords.  And did you know that Toledo is where they made all the swords for the Lord of the Rings movies?  Oo, my inner geek was super excited about that!