Thashia Garcia – Dream to Succeed

The concept of entering the “real” world is very fascinating. Since I was little, I have tried to plan my future career and how to successfully accomplish my goals. My dream is to one day become a Diplomat and proudly represent my home country, the United States of America. Although I have carefully outlined the steps of this process, it has not been an easy path. But who said that accomplishing your biggest ambition was ever going to be simple? I have always expected there to be hard days where I need to step up and fight, and easy days where I still need to be diligent and give my best. I am very aware that in order to classify for a diplomatic position, fundamentals like having a college degree, going to grad school, and speaking a second language are key. Nonetheless, to stand out from the rest I understand that you have to work on that “extra mile.”  Speaking more than three languages, being involved in my school community, and participating as a college-athlete are all part of this extra effort, but I never considered that enough to shine-something was missing. That something was an internship. I needed experience in the work field. However, in my cautious series of steps I never imagined that I would come to do an internship in such a wonderful and inspiring city like Rome.

When I first learned that my internship was going to be in an art shop I slightly panicked and a torrent of questions flowed in my head. Is this going to be helpful for my major? Is this what I really want? Am I making the most appropriate decision? Reality is that in Rome, more than 60% of the businesses are small companies run by ten or less people. Having worked in a smaller entity, it helped me take responsibility of bigger tasks than I would have faced interning in a huge corporation. In addition, I felt a bit miserable because somehow I forgot that I would be in Italy for two months in the most beautiful season of the year, summer. Moreover I got to learn my fifth language, Italian, in the most intensive/fun way. Seriously what a remarkable experience that for a split second I suspected it would not be worth it. I now know how thoughtless I was at the time.

My internship placement was in a shop called Le Artigiane, which is located in Largo di Torre Argentina, known as the place where Julio Caesar was killed centuries ago.  It really thrilled me that since I have never worked in my life, I did not know what to expect. However I help in many possible ways that I never supposed I would. I enjoy that I did not know what to expect every time I went to work because it made it more interesting and less monotone. Le Artigiane is a shop where the best artisans in Rome come and exhibit their work to costumers. In a wider perspective, this shop is a business managed in-store and online. Along with my business skills and hard work, I was able to help out in every possible aspect and enjoy the process of working.

Sincerely, life gives you chances that you may never get again. My advice is that you should take advantage and make the best of it. My experiences while living in Rome taught me important lessons that have shaped me into a better person. Furthermore, I was able to have and amazing and wonderful time in such breathtaking city like Rome while building up my resume. It is quite impressive how much you can learn a language just by being force to speak it in a daily basis when having an outstanding eager as well. Getting out of the comfort zone is one of the best the decisions I have taken in life and is something that I also promote, so wake up from that dream and start living it just like I have started to do