Taylor Haggerty
June 1, 2015

Today's assignment has consisted mostly of packing enough clothes, books, and other miscellaneous items to keep me comfortable for the upcoming six weeks. I took some photos of the process, from moving everything into my sister's room to folding it all up and packing it into two suitcases. I'm already positive that I've overdone it, though, so I'll have to go through my things once more tonight and see what I can move around. I'll probably be able to manage it all in one remarkably large (and heavy) suitcase, as well as a carry-on bag and my backpack!

Not featured in the photo below are towels, jackets, shoes, and most of what I'm taking with me on the plane to keep occupied. Other than that, though, I've tried to include everything: six dresses, ten pairs of pants, four cardigans, and about eight shirts of various styles. Hopefully that's not too much or too little, although it's likely that it will be one or the other. I've never been the best packer!

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Taylor Haggerty

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