Dublin, Here I Come!

Taylor Haggerty
May 31, 2015

Hi hello!

My name is Taylor, and I'm a junior from Indiana University studying journalism and English. I'm prepping for a trip to Ireland, to participate in IES's "Irish Studies" summer program. I'll be spending six weeks in Dublin, Ireland, working for credits towards my English degree. While abroad, I'm hoping to get a glimpse into the musical and artistic history of the city, as well as take a few trips to other areas nearby in order to get as much from the experience as I possibly can. As of today, I've got a list of the Top Ten Things To Do This Summer, including:

1. Attend a local band's concert, at a local venue.
2. Visit the National Museum of Ireland, both to see the exhibits and to people-watch.
3. Take a weekend trip to Edinburgh to explore the architecture and nature of Scotland.
4. Explore the campus of Trinity College - especially the library!
5. Take a hike to Howth and get pictures of the scenery.
6. Watch a game of football, either in a local pub or in a stadium.
7. Take a trip to see the ocean and a beach!
8. Explore the Dublin Zoo.
9. Spend a day in Phoenix Park with some friends.
10. Visit the Dublin Castle.

I'm also going to be making videos and taking photographs for this blog the entire time I'm abroad, starting with a visual packing list before I leave. My goal is to document and record everything I can, so that this trip will stay with me for years to come! I'm looking forward to the opportunity to immerse myself in another culture and meet all sorts of interesting people, and I hope you'll have fun on the journey with me.

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Taylor Haggerty

<p>Hi! My name is Taylor Haggerty. I&#39;m twenty years old and currently go to school in Bloomington, Indiana, for magazine design and poetry. This summer I&#39;ll be studying English and history in Dublin, Ireland!</p>

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