The Tapa Alternative, Part 1

A big food difference for me in Spain is the lack of pizza.  There is a Dominos and another Spanish chain, but they are very expensive.  My host mom couldn’t believe that in America “poor students” feed off pizza deals, basically using this type of food as a lifeline.  I miss my 1 AM delivery pizza.

However, for those of you coming to Granada, you’re in luck—there’s an even BETTER pizza place called Hola Pizza Metro.  Inside there’s an array of tables and random Italian décor, with a slideshow of random Italian cities playing on a loop.  But this pizza is not like any other I’ve had before.  You order it by the meter, which is approx. 3.28 feet of cheesy goodness.

On Mondays and Tuesdays when there is a “meter for the price of ½” deal, a group of four can be fed basically all the pizza they want for under 6 euro.  The quality is also very high—you can watch them make it, somehow manage to snake the meter into the wood- burning oven, and heave it on your table.

Granada is a place where students can eat very cheaply because you get a free ‘tapa’ with every drink you order.  However, there’s only so much pork on a roll that a girl can handle.  Sometimes, pizza just hits the spot.

Try the vegetable pizza or the hawaii pizza (corn is an interesting twist).