Postsparkassa and Reigerungsgebäude

Sydney Brooks
February 28, 2017

It's easy to get swept up in the elegance of the baroque architecture throughout Vienna, but taking an architecture course gives you an opportunity to appreciate more modernist styles.

The Postsparkassa is a bank that was designed by Otto Wagner in a modern, more minimalist style.

The building is decorated with small rounded circles, intentionally used to evoke the appearance of a safe, suitable for a bank.

The "PSK" logo is riddled through the interior and exterior, all standing for Postsparkassa.

The Reigerungsgebäude is directly opposite the Postparkassa. Wagner submitted a design for that building as well, but was turned down in favor of another architect.

As can be seen, the Reigerungsgebäude is far more ornate than the Postparkassa.

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Sydney Brooks

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