Surviving Sicilia

Our first trip through IES – to Catania, Sicilia- was interesting to say the least. I’m not sure what to make of Sicily. Our hostel was in Catania, which didn’t give me the best impression of Sicily as a whole.. but was still an experience and fun. It was much more urban and loud and not as scenic as the other cities (Taormina and Siracusa). The nightlife in Catania was the best part of the city, but don’t expect anything fancy. We found a dollar shots place that we ended up at both nights, and danced and sang to 90s rock all night, and had the time of our lives. Once we traveled to those other cities however, I felt like I was really experiencing what I expected of Sicily, between the sea, the food, and the views. The diversity we experienced in Sicily, from going out in Catania, to hiking up Etna, to swimming at the beaches of Taormina, was what really made the trip worthwhile.

Piazza Duomo Chiostro nel Monastero Benedittini Black & White Catania Fountain Red Hall Underground Biblioteca in the Monastero dei Benedettini Ruins at Etna We had to wear hard-hats inside the caves, which we thought was silly at first - we were all glad we had them once we were inside though, it was pitch black and hard to tell how much we had to crouch without hitting the top. Sentiero Schiena Dell'Asino Nelle Nuvole Mt. Etna Mt. Etna Cliffs of Etna Scaling Etna Siracusa Arethusa Fountain The Mediterranean Taormina The ancient theatre of Taormina, which dates back to ancient Greco-Roman times. Taormina amphitheater ruins Catania Beach